Trio Technologies Inc. is an IT service group that focuses on applying efficient and effective solutions; helping customers deliver their project under budget while still ensuring its support by the current in cutting edge technology. 


VOIP deployment:

We design and inter-connect the legacy Avaya and NEC PBX as well as Meridian Key system into Cisco Call Manager clusters nationwide to deliver seamless migration and transparent operations. The design includes naming convention standard, number of digit configuration, Gatekeeper call admission control, complex call routing, alternate call routing, call security, server redundancy as well as Gatekeeper failover.

The fixed price IP phone deployment guarantees the project completion under budget, corporate stand, end user training, and delivers the customer success experience.

Call Center deployment:

We design and deliver solutions using Cisco and Interactive Intelligent systems for agents serviced by not only the local Cluster but also multiple VOIP or PBX systems, vendor neutral, as well as home agent using analog or Cell phone operations. It is cost effective, yet provides the complete around the clock coverage.

Video Conferencing solutions:

We provide Video Conferencing solutions through the implementation of Cisco, Tandberg, Codian, Polycom systems, and support them with the related system installations including Gatekeeper design and configuration, Ball Room design and setup, and QOS provisioning.

Wireless and Radio deployment:

Wireless coverage has become an essential communication infrastructure for every business and individual daily operations. Our secure solutions via AAA or Radius authentication ensure the customer Wireless network protection that only authenticated user can get into the network. For the outdoor, dense with trees, and high bandwidth ISP applications, we deploy Motorola Canopy 960MHz, 5.2GHz, and 5.7GHz for our mobile park customers.


The customer network must be secure, and the most priority process is to help define the security policy. Our solutions include firewall, proxy, simple VPN, dynamic and scalable VPN, instruction detection and prevention implementations. Trio security expert has helped our customers isolate and remedy various virus outbreaks in a nationwide scale, ensuring the business continuity operations.

Our new security audit service allows the customer to strengthen the security of their networks and conduct automated audits to ensure compliance with policies and regulations via a scalable and open platform.